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Case Studies
Thomas Roofing Generates Extra 450+ Leads In A Year
Thomas Roofing had the goal to get the phone ringing and generate more website contact form leads from local online searches. They had a powerful brand, but weren't being seen online by potential customers that would surely buy from them, if only they knew they existed.
Our Approach
We created a highly targeted Google Adwords campaign as well as a marketing-driven landing page with full Adwords and CallRail lead tracking. Our team continuously optimized and monitored what keywords and search phrases were driving traffic to the landing pages. From there we aligned the landing pages to convert traffic into leads from optimized search terms. Once the campaign had momentum we continuously tracked calls and form submissions and adjusted keywords, ads and the landing pages as we saw fit.
- Increased qualified roofing leads from 0 to 9 per week in 3 months.
- Reduced their average cost per lead from $48 to $24 per lead
- Generate 468 new leads in a year
Buckeye Roofing Increases Market Share By 370%
Buckeye Roofing had no online presence before we began working with them. They had more expertise than majority of the businesses in their market, but they weren't visible, nor were they relevant when people came looking for roofing services. The challenge was to position Buckeye Roofing Service in a fashion that would acquire them more market share, so they could focus on what what they do best and not have to worry about where their next job was coming from.
Our Approach
We initially optimized their website so that Google would see their company as an authority in the local roofing market. We then built many pages using our developed software that helped them rank for hundreds of different long-tail search terms. Finally we began to execute off page strategies in order to build credibility around their site so it would show up in the search engines for the most popular searched keywords. By both targeting long-tail keywords and search terms with high search volume, we gave them the best chance to acquire maximum possible market share. 
- Increased website traffic by 370%.
- Increased search engine rankings to #1 & #2 for major and long-tail local keywords/search terms. 
- Generated on average 25 extra phone calls per month
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